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Account Momentary

Do you wish to earn and at the same time use your funds easily? In this case, Piraeus Bank offers you saving account "Momentary"! You are free to manage your account: put or withdraw money anytime without any fees. In addition, you get really high interest rates!

Advantages of account «Momentary»:

  • Your money is securely stored in bank and anytime you have access to it;
  • The Bank charge higher interests on a constant balance that was on account within calendar month;
  • The more money you keep during the month - the greater income you receive;
  • Free connection to internet service winbank and the ability to set regular transfers on your saving account from any other account;
  • No fees for account maintenance.

Interest rates:

Type of interest
Currency/ Interest rate (per annum)
US Dollar
Interests for the sum

* Interest is accrued if the account balance exceeds UAH 1,000.
** New contracts in US dollars and Euros will not be opened from July 12, 2021

Terms of use and tariffs:

 Necessary documents:

For residents:
  • the passport, or the document which replaces it;
  • the inquiry on assignment of identification number of the payer of taxes.
For non-residents:
  • the passport document;
  • document confirming the location of non-residents on the territory of Ukraine.

 Learn more:

  • Phone the call-center: 0 800 30 888 0 (calls within Ukraine are free of charge)
  • For abroad calls: +38 044 495 88 88
  • Complete the feedback form

Places where you can open the account "Momentary":

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