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Useful information for traveling abroad

If you plan a trip abroad, use the international payment card from Piraeus Bank. This is a convenient method of calculation, than allows you to not worry about the cash transfer or foreign currency purchase outside Ukraine.

Please consider following tips before going abroad:

1. Inform the Contact Center of the Bank about the planned journey fill in online-form or by telephone number 0800 30 888 0, 38 044 495 88 90 or via Skype. This will protect your card against unauthorized use and will prevent undesirable calls from the Bank about checking the legitimacy of transactions. Please note, the restriction on transaction for cash withdrawals were set at ATMs in the territory of risky countries.

2. Get acquainted with the tariffs and limits for your card and pay attention to the rules on payment cards use. Some limits can be changed until the end of the day (Kyiv time) after a call to the Contact Center of the Bank, until the end of the term of the card – accordind to a client’s written request in the Bank branch or via internet service winbank.

3. Activate the SMS information to monitor your account 24/7 anywhere over the world. It will allow immediately learn about committed transactions and balance.

4. Connect to the remote banking system winbank, with which you can have constant access to your own accounts and operations via any computer connected to the Internet. In addition, you can control card limits, block card in case of loss abroad without call to the Contact Center of the Bank.

5. Pay attention to conversion rate.

6. You can connect to the Contact Center of the Bank via Skype, that will save money on international calls. For call from abroad please dial +38 044 495 88 90.

7. Please, be more attentive in your card payments:

  • Please, watch on your card during payment in the POS-terminal, if card bearing a chip it has to be read via chip. Can be read via magnetic stripe only if POS-terminal has no chip reader;
  • Please, do not give a card to the waiter or hotel administrator;
  • Please, pay with your card by yourself, if POS-terminal has setting for non-contactless payments do not give a card to the shop employee;
  • Please, if ATM looks suspicious do not put card in to it. It would be better if you go to another ATM.


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