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Notification on wrongdoing actions of employees (whistleblowing notification)

PIRAEUS BANK ICB highly appreciates its reputation and is guided by the following principles:

In order to fulfill the aforementioned principles effectively, PIRAEUS BANK ICB has implemented the system of control under observance of Bank’s and its employees’ activities to requirements of the legislation of Ukraine, internal procedures, rules and standards (compliance-control system). In this regard, PIRAEUS BANK ICB is asking to inform about possible facts of wrongdoing behavior of its employees in order to investigate every such fact and implement respective measures. For this purpose, it is enough to fill in the form of «Notification on wrongdoing actions of employees (whistleblowing notification)» given below.

Notification should include your first, second and middle name / name of organization and contact details. Also, it should contain first, second and middle name and the position of employee or name of the Bank's unit acting, in your opinion, on wrongdoing manner, as well as the date of the incident. It is necessary to substantiate and provide relevant evidence (if any) confirming the fact of improper performance of duties by the employee / unit of the Bank.

Please pay your attention, Notifications sent with purpose of settlement personal conflicts with employees of the Bank or related to the quality of services are not subject to be investigated by the Compliance Department of PIRAEUS BANK ICB.

Information obtained from you is not subject to be disclosed; access to this information is limited and open for Compliance officers only.

Collection and processing of the personal data is provided in accordance with legislation on personal data protection.

Anonymous disclosures
PIRAEUS BANK ICB encourages the submission of Notifications on behalf of your own name. Anonymous Notifications significantly complicate the work of a detailed investigation or even make it impossible because of the difficulty of obtaining data from an anonymous party (for example, impossibility of discussion, meeting to obtain corresponding clarifications during the investigation), as well as the difficulty in assessing the reliability of the data of such a Notification. The submitted anonymous notifications are considered depending on how well they are documented and whether the described wrongdoing action can be determined. Piraeus Bank undertakes to protect the anonymity of the person who submits «Notification on wrongdoing actions of employees (whistleblowing notification)» and does not take actions that may lead to disclosure.

Please fill in all the fields so that we can carry out a thorough inspection of the incident

Your full name
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Your category
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Your telephone number
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Name of employee / unit suspected to do the wrongdoing actions
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Type of wrongdoing actions:
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Stealing / Fraud Requirement for gifts, rewards, or other benefits (including for the benefit of third parties)
Violations of banking / commercial secrecy Abuse of authority
Violation of legislative norms / internal procedures Advising clients on evading financial monitoring procedures, currency legislation, etc.
Conflict of Interest Employment of relatives / Assistance in promotion of position
Misleading representation of information to the customer / Benefit at the expense of the customer Unethical behavior
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Detailed description of wrongdoing actions
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You must accept our terms and conditions
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"In the context of the Law of Ukraine" On Personal Data Protection "N 2297-VI of 1 June 2010 consent JSC "PIRAEUS BANK ICB" collect, process, collect, store and use my personal data. No reservations concerning restrictions on the rights of JSC "PIRAEUS BANK ICB" to the collection, processing, accumulation, storage and use of my personal data have not.

Authorizes JSC "PIRAEUS BANK ICB" access to your credit history, collection, storage, use and dissemination of information about themselves (including information contained in public registers and other public databases use) in the manner specified by the Law of Ukraine "On Organization of Formation and Circulation of Credit Histories "by any of these Credit Bureau: LLC "Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories," which is located at. Kyiv, vul. Grushevskogo 1-D, LLC "CHB" Ukrainian Credit Bureau ", located at Kiev Chokolovskyy Boulevard bud.13 (each separately or together further referred to as - "the Bureau")."

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