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«Smart IT» and «Smart IT PRO» service packages

Are you working in IT?

"Smart IT" and "Smart IT PRO" banking service packages are made up for you, taking into account your professional needs and preference.

Benefits you get:

  • In one package - accounts and services both for entrepreneur and personal needs
  • free of charge accounts opening
  • free of charge transfer of funds from an Entrepreneur account 1 to a Personal account 2
  • foreign currency sale without a commission
  • free of charge cash withdrawal from a Personal account in all ATMs in Ukraine and abroad 3
  • Visa Gold contactless card
  • automatic transfer of funds from the Entrepreneurs account to a Personal account

Basic Service Package tariffs:

Type of package «Smart IT» «Smart IT Pro»
Monthly maintenance - 0 UAH 4/ 150 UAH
Transfer of funds to the Entrepreneur's account in the national currency 0,45% 0,25%
Sale of foreign currency free of charge free of charge
Payments from the Entrepreneur's account outside the Bank free of charge5 free of charge5
Transfer of funds from the Entrepreneur's account to the Personal Account within the Bank free of charge free of charge
Cash withdrawal at the cash desk and ATMs of the Bank from the Personal account free of charge  free of charge 
Cash withdrawal from ATMs of other banks in Ukraine and abroad from the Personal account free of charge3
(5 operations)
free of charge3
(5 operations)
  1. Current account for business
  2. Current account for individuals
  3. Cash withdrawal in the Bank's network is always UAH 0, starting from the 6th cash withdrawal operation per month (summark in Ukraine and abroad), the commission is 1.5% + 5 UAH (in Ukraine) and 1.5% + UAH 50  (abroad) and 30 UAN for cash withdrawal in Piraeus Group ATM network
  4. Monthly maintenance fee is charged only if during the previous month you made using the payment card in the trading network, incl. in the Internet for the amount less than 20 thousand UAH
  5. Five payments per month for free, starting with the 6th payment transaction per month - 1%

Additional benefits:

  • automatic sale of not obligatory for selling volume of foreign currency
  • remote servicing in the Piraeus online banking service for payments by Entrepreneur accounts
  • ability to manage the Entrepreneur`s account by a trustee on his behalf
  • free connection and maintenance in internet banking system «Winbank» for operations by a Personal account
  • free payments from the Entrepreneur's account in hryvnias to accounts in any bank in Ukraine 5
  • savings account in hryvnia with a high interest rate
  • free sms-banking by Entrepreneur and Personal accounts

Which Service Pack to choose:

  • «Smart IT» service package - we recommend in case you start a career or specifics of your business activity involves receiving non-regular revenues
  • «Smart IT Pro» service package - we recommend if you are an experienced professional or you receive regular revenues, or you are actively purchasing by card in a trade network and on the Internet

Details of the terms of service:

Package of documents for opening the Service Package:

  • passport or a document that replaces it
  • registration number of the taxpayer

Find out more:

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  • Ask a question that you are interested in by filling out a feedback form
  • Visit the bank branch
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