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Bank transfer

Piraeus Bank will help You to transfer the funds quickly and conveniently in any place in the world by bank transfer.

You may transfer cash funds (cash or money from your own account in Piraeus Bank) to any person/entity possessing banking account in any bank of Ukraine or abroad. It is possible to send and receive the funds in hryvnya, as well as in foreign currencies – in US Dollars, Euro or Russian roubles*.

* in accordance with the acting law

Funds transferring within the accounts of Piraeus Bank in Ukraine: 

  • your funds will be available in several minutes;
  • fees for transfer from UAH 1;
  • it is enough to know the recipient’s surname and account number.

Funds transferring in other banks in Ukraine: 

Funds transferring abroad:

  • the funds will be received by the recipient during 4 working days;
  • it is necessary to know the recipient’s details;
  • fees for the transfer are charged according to the current account tariffs or any other opened account.


  •  low tariffs (comparing to the money transfer systems without account opening);
  • quick and easy transfer sending.

For service usage one should: 

  • To open current account within any of the branches of Piraeus Bank or to use already existing account;
  • To provide the passport;
  • To notify the money recipient’s account details.

SWIFT code:

Related services: 

  • Money transfers (Western Union, MoneyGram etc.)

Learn more: 

  • Please, phone the call-center at 0 800 30 888 0 (calls from stationary phones within Ukraine are free of charge)
  • Ask the question you are interested in by filling the feedback form.

Places where you may conduct the transfer:

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