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What do you need to know when conducting payment card transactions
22 April 2020

In recent times, especially during the quarantine period, the activity of payments on the Internet or through online banking has increased substantially in all countries around the world.
Unfortunately, there are some people who use the lack of knowledge of payment card holders to illegally seize money through various fraudulent transactions.
However, the card holder may avoid such occasions if he becomes familiar with simple things that can protect him against the loss of money and experience.

Internet transactions:
• For Internet transactions you should have a separate payment card (Visa Virtual) and maintain only the necessary amount of money to perform payment.
• Do not use your PIN when ordering goods through Internet.
• Do not use the card for purchases through websites that do not use special software to protect information on payment card. Secure sites has a sign of a closed lock, site address that uses a secure protocol should begin with https://.
• Use SMS banking service to know all transactions with your card immediately.
• Use 3DSecure, payments are confirmed by a one-time password known only to the cardholder, which can be used within 10 minutes for one transaction only. The cardholder has three attempts to enter the password. If necessary, a new one-time password may be requested.

General recommendations:
• Memorize your PIN or keep it separately from the payment card unattainable to anyone else.
• Never give your PIN to third parties, only you as a cardholder should know this information.
• Never give your payment card to third parties for them to use it. In cases, not related to payments (especially in electronic correspondence) do not disclose the PIN number, cvv2 code, expiry date and other payment card data.
• It is mandatory to sign your payment card on its back side when you receive it.
• In case of lost/stolen payment card or if you suspect that someone knows your PIN or other payment card data, immediately contact the Contact center of the bank for card to be blocked and reissued.
• Use SMS banking service to know all transactions with your card immediately.
• Do not disclose the 3DSecure password to anyone;
• In case of unforeseen situations, save Contact center number of the bank: 0-800-30-888-0 (calls from fixed phones within Ukraine are free of charge) or +38 (044) 495 - 88-90 in the phone book or in the memory of your mobile phone.

While ATM transactions:

• Do not use help of third parties while performing ATM transactions.
• Do not use devices that require PIN entering in order to access the premises where the ATM is located.
• When you enter PIN cover keypad by hand.
• Enter your PIN the way other people who are in immediate proximity to you could not see it.
• Do not use an ATM if there is a clear evidence of damage or suspicious devices are installed.
• Do not use an ATM if it is placed in a dusky and solitary place.
• Do not use physical force to insert the card into the ATM, better not to use such an ATM.

Be careful, protect yourself and your savings!