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“The credit limit on the cards of our payroll clients can reach two salaries", - Svetlana Cherkay, Board Member of Piraeus Bank
14 April 2014

Piraeus Bank offered a new product, which is called "Credit card for payroll projects”. New customers as well as those that have already been serving by the bank may enjoy the new benefits.

Under the new client the bank understands employees of companies that have recently opened a salary project and use it less than 6 months. After crossing the limit of specified period employees will be offered to increase the credit limit of up to 200 % of their salary. Commenting on the innovation Mrs. Cherkay said that the new employee will be given a credit card with a limit of UAH 500 immediately without any checks.

"The credit limit on the cards of our payroll clients can reach two salaries," - said the banker. Svetlana Cherkay added that a client can increase his/her limit independently, providing an income certificate for the last 6 months and added that to existing customers who have been receiving their salaries on the payroll account for more than 6 months, the bank immediately offers an issue of a credit card with a limit of up to 200% of salary.

In addition, the peculiarity of this product is the possibility of issuing Instant customer card that will allow not waiting for a personalized card issue and getting a credit card much faster.

Among the main distinctions between credit card for payroll projects and standard credit card the following should also be noted:

  • Classic/Instant card issue - free of charge;
  • Gold card Issue – UAH 200 single fee;
  • No annual commission; 
  • Classic/Instant credit cards interest:
    28% - transactions in the trading network;
    36% - cash withdrawal transactions;
  • Gold credit card interest:
    26% - transactions in the trading network;
    34% - cash withdrawal transactions;
  • Minimum repayment direct from the salary account

"Also, customers do not need to provide the bank with income certificate , the test is carried out according to enrollments into salary accounts", - summed up Svetlana Cherkay.

Note about Piraeus Bank
Piraeus Bank Group is one of the major banking institutions of Southern and Eastern Europe. Piraeus Group's pro-forma total assets amount to €92 bn, net loans to €60,4 bn and customer deposits to €54,3 bn (at the end of December 2013).

Piraeus Bank entered the Ukrainian market in 2007.

Piraeus Bank has the highest rating of deposits reliability provided by "Credit-Rating" Agency (grade "5"as of latest rating of 01.04.2014).

The Bank is authorized by the Pension Fund of Ukraine to make payments of pensions and financial assistance. The Bank is a member of Fund of Guaranteeing the Deposits of Individuals and Forum of Leading International Financial institutions (FLIFI).

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