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Update on the newly established restrictions on hryvnia card transactions and accounts, carried out abroad
05 August 2022

Dear customer,


On July 21st, 2022, the National Bank of Ukraine introduced changes on the transactions and operations carried out abroad (outside of the territory of Ukraine) on Hryvnia (UAH) cards and accounts. Those new limitations are only related to operations, carried out abroad from UAH cards and accounts, whilst foreign currency cards and accounts have not been impacted from those restrictions. In detail:


For cash withdrawal abroad from UAH cards:

  • UAH12.500 equivalent in foreign currency per 7 days from the first time of withdrawal. The limit is not calculated cumulatively.         

For purchases abroad from UAH cards:

Update from September, 01st, 2022:

Due to the improvements made by the Bank, starting from September 1st, 2022, the division described below into the limit of UAH 80,000 for offline purchases and UAH 20,000 for online transactions becomes irrelevant, from now on all cashless settlement operations will be controlled by a single limit of 100,000 UAH month.

  • UAH80.000 equivalent per calendar month for transactions at POS terminals (physical presence of card or NFC technology on phone), purchases on the internet secured by full 3D Secure* and recurring payments**.
  • UAH20.000 equivalent per calendar month for the rest type of online transactions.



*Internet transactions with 3D Secure.

3D Secure is a protection protocol for online payments transaction for goods or services. Thanks to this protocol, an additional level of identification of payment card owners is provided by entering a one-time password received by SMS. Full 3D Secure means that the operation is carried out according to this protocol both on the site's side and on the Bank's side. If the site supports secure 3DS payments, it is indicated by the inscription: Verified by Visa (VbV) or MasterCard Secure Code. On the part of the Bank, all cards that have the sms- notification service activated, are connected to the 3DS technology.


**Recurring payments.

Those are regular and periodic direct debits of a certain amount from a bank card without confirmation of its owner (prepaid payments, automatic payments, subscription payments, etc.). That is, one-time configured payments that are performed automatically, without mandatory confirmation from the payer.